Flickr Feature #82


Our Flickr feature is a showcase of the 5 best submissions that we have received during the week in our Deerbrains Flickr Group, it’s an opportunity for new or unheard of artists, photographers, illustrators or graphic designers to get some limelight on our site.

Laura Kirst

We love portraits like this one submitted by Laura, it shows intimacy yet leaves plenty to the imagination of the viewer. We like being able to ask questions about a subject or subject matter, it gives meaning to photographs.


Mark (no last name given)

We’re really feeling the textures in this image, the subjects facial expression alongside the tear could signify broken dreams or aspirations.


J. Kursel

We selected this image because it brought along thoughts of old Hitchcock films because of it’s lo-fi aesthetic.


Ewan Mitchell

We find parties interesting social occasions where people open up and show their true colours usually in weird and interesting ways, some of our favourite photographs have been from photographers taking photos at their own social occasions showing the people that surround them.


Tom Stallard

Not quite sure where this is but it looks like a disaster scene from a movie, it’s incredibly striking and slightly unnerving!


Thats all for this week, keep the submissions coming in HERE and we’ll see you next week!

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