The Freaks Alphabet is a series of letterforms created from a catalog of vector shapes and design sketches.
There are two stages : The storage and the transplant.
Storage is “working library” and anticipate developments.
Transplant is creation with fragment/graft and fragment/carrier.
Freaks is hybridization. It’s an “ABrration”.
“the eternal skirmish between functionality and expressiveness”.

” We use black-and-white to formalise the balance between light and shade. Paradoxically, we open the shape to be worked while closing it at some stages. We create passages on lines that become lost in the black zones so that the eye can read the main curves of the shape. From the french word “decorative”, we isolate the word “décor” (or scenery in english). We love the way this evokes stagecraft because we are producers of forms that are displayed in the borders that we must anticipate. We create problematic forms in visual rhythm (space, empty/full, line, geometric, curves). We don’t create a juxtaposition of expressive and built forms, but possibilities of mergers and translation. It’s transplanted technique applied to forms : the growth area and receiver give the third term. we are not interested in visual summary but a veritable synthesis and the processing stages that are required of all production of form. ” IDN. Interview

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