G-SHOCK launch ‘7 Lucky Gods’ Collaboration with Japanese artist Toshikazu Nozaka.

5 - Daikokuten Painting

G-Shock announce the release of DAIKOKUTEN, the latest drop in the Seven Lucky Gods collection.

As part of G-Shock’s 35th anniversary celebrations, the brand has collaborated with artist and former pro-skateboarder Toshikazu Nozaka to create a collection of limited edition timepieces in homage to The Seven Lucky Gods who are worshipped as part of a Japanese belief system derived from a blending of indigenous and Buddhist beliefs.

Mr Nozaka 4Mr Nozaka 2

After the successful launches of the EBISU in October 2018, followed by BENZAITEN and HOTEI in November and BISHAMONTEN in December, the next in line is the resilient DAIKOKUTEN, which is modelled on the GX-56. The collection will conclude with the JUROJIN and FUKUROKUJU models.



Available now via the G-Shock website.

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