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UK-streetwear brand Known (KNWN) is gearing up to relaunch their streetwear later brand this August, with a complete overhaul of their website, branding, and social channels.

Since 2012, the brand has been recognised in the industry for quality, honest streetwear – and
the new collection is no exception.

Followers of KNWN will be able to purchase from fifteen newly-designed products, as of Friday
August 23, including the exclusive ‘Maui’ shirt, bucket hats, and fitted jog shorts.

The new website and social media channels also feature content starring models Cyril Rodriguez and Haruna Jebak, tastefully masterminded by photographer Tim Ogo.

Beyond the initial launch, KNWN will be adding selected lines to the webstore every 14 days thereafter.

“We’ve evolved and matured over the last few years, and our latest lines are a solid nod to our peers. We’re truly inspired by the goodness around us, and in the increasingly jumbled-up world of today, it’s nice to be on a positive path. Known Goodness”, said Andy Knight of KNWN.

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