Mahabis curve

Whether it feels like you’re living at work or working from home, we’re socialising differently and wearing our indoor footwear for longer. In response to this changing world, mahabis presents Curve: a new generation from the cult slipper company.
Curve is a completely re-engineered luxury style made for your new normal – whatever that may be. Designed in London and meticulously crafted with a refocused last, Curve is a refined indoor shoe and one less distraction in a noisy world. Inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, the honed silhouette is matched with conscious materials and superior comfort.

Pad softly on hard floors, tread warmly on cold tiles, slip resistant on wet surfaces; Curve will cocoon your feet all winter long. The ultimate decompression shoe after a long day, the new design is your literal welcome home, a comfort blanket for your feet. Downtime or deadlines, home projects and gardening or just nipping to the shops: all time is well spent in the Curve.

Known for its soft grey wool textiles and signature yellow soles, Curve continues the mahabis story with a palette of new colour combinations, keeping the house style of comforting uppers and tantalising treads. Made in Portugal, the Curve is machine washable at climate friendly 30°c and made with high tech, low impact materials with an emphasis on form and function. Curve consists of just five components.

Sustainable REWOOLY upper
The upper is constructed with REWOOLY, a sustainable felt textile composed of 50% regenerated woollen fibres by Italian specialists, Bigagli SpA. Wool has natural water repelling qualities – helpful protection against those accidental spills and splashes. The compacted fibres offer high resistance to abrasion, pilling and won’t show dirt.
Pure wool inner lining for maximum comfort
The super soft lining is EcoCert® graded 100% organic Italian wool. Wool is breathable and can absorb and wick moisture, creating a comfortable dry environment for the skin and natural antimicrobial resistance for fresher feet. Warm in winter and cool in summer, wool is an active, thermo-regulating fibre that responds to changes in body temperature. The kink and curl of the fibres trap air to provide superior insulation or divert heat away from the skin.

Vibrant natural rubber sole with purposeful tread
The sole is composed entirely of a single piece of hard wearing Pura Latex® natural rubber, sourced in Malaysia by Portuguese company, Forever. The toe wraps over the front of the shoe to create a practical buffer against scuffs and bumps. The innovative tread imprint is a tactile wave pattern that looks considered and disperses water underfoot to help maintain good grip on wet surfaces. It flexes, bends and stretches comfortably with the movement of the foot. Punchy new shades such as Sahara Red, Santorini Blue and Sakura Pink and classic Skane Yellow, contrast happily with the understated felt wool in tones of Larvik Grey, Malmo Blue, Skien Black, Skagen Stone and Limhamn Cream.

Contoured insole made from polyurethane
The contoured removable foot bed is made using polyurethane using the same sneaker technology found in athletic footwear. It is specifically designed to support and cushion the sole of the foot – additional arch inserts will be available soon. The signature heel cradle is made from neoprene supplied by a German manufacturer and joins the upper – a hidden feat of engineering – at a specific 72° angle creating a pleasing line between the two materials and the mahabis signature silhouette. The words “welcome” and “home” are printed on the left and right insoles respectively.

A more generous fit
Offering ultimate comfort and support, Curve is designed with flexibility in mind. The Curve last is just a few millimetres wider than previous styles, yet this allows the feet to comfortably expand with the heat of the day or whilst flying. And forget pyjamas: the stylish Curve compliments everything from selvedge denim to cotton chinos, track pants, joggers and leggings. The box has also been completely reconfigured to reduce the material by 35% compared with the original design. Made with a single piece of FSC® certified card board, natural printing ink, minimal tissue paper and without glue, it can be flat packed for easier storage and recycling. It is lighter and more efficient during transportation and has a small vent for airflow. A curved handle sits above the m logo and the box opens to reveal two door arches that carry the ‘m’ shape into the internal compartment. The muted grey exterior and dark grey interior place maximum emphasis on the colourful product inside to complete the reveal experience. There’s a “welcome home” message here too.

Curve is priced at £99 and available from October, reflective of the high-quality construction, premium look and long life-span. Why not treat yourself or a loved one this festive season with the gift of time well spent in mahabis Curve.

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