OH Embroideries.


OH is derived by the creators initials, specialising in embroidery, with side passions for crochet and his most recent venture and joy; upholstery.

Following a BA Hons degree at the University of Brighton studying Fashion Textiles with Business, specialising in knitwear and a placement at conceptual fashion company Bless in Paris Oliver went on to work at knitwear studios Cardigan and Bobble in Brighton. This expanded his skills, knowledge and most importantly his love of handmade textiles.








OH’s embroidery artwork is a collection of quirky puns and word play predominantly incorporating his initials which funnily enough form the expressive word of ‘Oh’. Inspiration comes from a variety of places such as pop culture, nature, geometric patterns and Art Deco. Being environmentally conscious OH uses recycled fabrics as much as possible.


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