Oh Ne

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OHNE is the bespoke, organic tampon subscription service founded by Nikki and Leah, two young women going up
against mainstream brands to drive change in the period industry and re-shape the way people shop for their period

Everyone’s body is different. So is every period. At OHNE, they know that one size really doesn’t fit all. Light or heavy,regular or irregular, applicator babe or naked (non-app) babe, they’ve got your back (and your vagina). Your custom box is delivered through your letterbox in time for your period, every period.

Most people who use mainstream tampons have absolutely no idea what kind of stomach-churning cocktail of toxins
and nasty chemicals (think plastic, bleach, dioxin…) they’re putting in their vaginas. At OHNE, they’re on a mission for transparency in the menstrual health industry, because it makes us pretty mad that there are stricter regulations on the labelling of hamster food than there are on tampons.

The products are made of 100% organic cotton, certified by both the Soil Association and GOTS (Global Organic Textile
Standard). The cardboard applicators are also biodegradable – which your great-great-grandchildren will thank you for
when they’re swimming in a pit of other people’s plastic tampon applicators.

For more information and to buy please click here.

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