Pepper You

Pepper You was created by the multi-talented Jade Golding in July 2019 . Jades passion for creating unique pieces of art for your ears stems from a design and photography background spanning over 10 years. Jade describes Pepper You as ‘The type of girl who makes you feel warm and happy after you spend time with her. She listens to dreamy electronic music and wears whatever makes her feel most comfortable.

Pepper YouPepper YouPepper YouPepper YouPepper You

She has an incredible talent for making everyone feel included and loves that time of day just before the sun goes down when the light is golden and almost magic. She recharges by being alone but comes alive when she is with the people she loves. She is inspired by the way the skyline meets the sea on a hazy still day and the sound the ocean makes when it hits the shore.’

The brand also plays high into environmental issues creating items with no single waste plastic and reducing waste as much as possible to ensure that Pepper You are looking after the environment and being as ethical as they can.

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