Kimi Selfridge is a visual artist from Brooklyn, NY who runs the Tan Camera by Kimi Selfridge collective. She shoots in analog film exclusively, and plays with double exposures and polaroid film in a way that captures the sort of whimsical and raw beauty that defines her aesthetic.

These are shots from her project This Is Our Youth, which she’s been working on since November last year. In her own words she says she started off styling and shooting her friends as a creative outlet. Word-of-mouth picked up the project’s momentum and one thing led to another until she was photographing people like Trop Rouge blog‘s Christina Caradona and Lua of Le Happy blog.

Whomever her subject may be, she’s drawn to people by the way they style themselves, “the aesthetic of their art” and her own intuition. So far so good, we reckon — and the people behind the Impossible Project blog seem to agree too.

See more of her work on her site, her Flickr and her Tumblr. Kimi also now runs a personal blog with outfit posts and general inspiring eye-candy.

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