The Ethical Nutrition Company

The Ethical Nutrition Company creates superior multivitamins and food supplements in sustainable, plastic free packaging. Ethical Nutrition’s Active Multivitamin has re-written the rulebook with a formulation expertly designed to protect your health and immune system, using only the best forms of vitamins and minerals in optimum doses.

Active Multivitamin contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals in ‘biologically active’ forms found in nature, alongside a gorgeous wholefood blend of organic broccoli, organic turmeric and alfalfa for an additional antioxidant boost. It’s 100% vegan too!

What’s NOT in your supplement is just as important as what’s in it. That’s why Active Multivitamin is completely free from all allergens, palm oil, additives, sugar and GM ingredients. They’re also made here in the UK to exacting ‘GMP’ (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards so you can be assured they are a supplement company you can trust.

Finally, a multivitamin that ticks all the boxes!

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