TIOFLOSS | plant-based vegan dispenser & floss system

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TIO is reforming the dental care industry with its plant-based dental floss dispenser for all flosses, namely it’s own brand Tiofloss. The Kickstarter campaign, which started on the 17th February, is designed to add funding for production after almost three years of research, design, market testing and development. In doing so, TIO is well on its way to creating an innovative, sustainable floss and dispenser combination that reduces waste by up to 95% compared to other commonly used products.

Healthy gums means floss twice a day, and more should, given only 41% of American only floss once a day. It fast becomes apparent, with significant amounts of plastic and manufacturing waste generated by the dental industry annually, how Tio’s moto “Save the world, twice a day!” can ring true. Small lifestyle and retail changes to daily routines could help turnaround sustainability battles for the entire industry. TIO shows that with plant-based dental care and innovative design that the sustainable redesign of an everyday object, such as dental floss or a toothbrush, can have a huge, positive impact on our environment.

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Tiofloss is TIO’s next venture after hugely successful campaigns with Tiobrush and Tiomatik itself. With the lessons learned, strategically growing its research and design teams, whilst improving its distribution network and processes, TIO is well placed to make another minty fresh splash into the market with Tiofloss. Since the Tiomatik, it has already tackled the electric toothbrush market one sustainable rotating head at a time, launching attachment heads for popular rotating electric toothbrushes and the original plant-based floss for which this dispenser is designed. TIO is looking to expand its repertoire with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and give the Tiofloss a sustainable home: A reusable floss dispenser made entirely of plant-based materials. The mix of wood fiber and plant-based plastic is ISCC+ certified and even recyclable.

TIO has continued to work on the development of the Tiofloss after it’s launch in spring 2020 with the aim of making their floss concept even more holistic & sustainable. Entirely in the sense of rethink, reduce, reuse.

The campaign can be accessed at www.kickstarter.com/projects/tio/tiofloss-plant-based-vegan-dispenser-and-floss-system

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