UrbanEars Portable Speaker

Urban Ears

Swedish lifestyle brand Urbanears recently launched an all new portable speaker, Rålis, the greatest investment you’ll make for the summer!

The only speaker you’ll ever need. Iconic, minimalistic, and sociable. It’s the perfect portable solution for when your idea of home extends far beyond living space walls.
Further details can be found below.

Rålis features a versatile, water-resistant design and 20+ hours of wireless playtime. Connect and play via Bluetooth. Share DJ duty with two devices simultaneously, or add an AUX connection to make it three. The front and back speakers work together to recreate a rich, multi- directional sound experience. Easy to control directly on the speaker, or from a Bluetooth connected device. Use the built-in power bank to charge your phone while you play.

Name: Urbanears Rålis
Retailer: Urbanears.com

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